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2005-04-06, 11:31
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> > > How? ("Burned and re-ripped" doesn't count in my book.)
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> > Why not? How is my legally purchased music supposed to
> > survive a system crash if I can back it up to a CD or DVD?
> if "burned and re-ripped" means decoding the WMA file to
> PCM, burning to a regular audio CD, and reripping, then it
> probably doesn't count because you can't get back to the
> original file that way. you started with a small lossy file.
> after burn/rerip you get a big lossy file, and to get it
> back down to size you have to re-compress and make it even
> more lossy. and that assumes the burn and rip step gives
> you identical PCM, which is not trivial.
> Josh

Did I say WMA files? If I did, I misspoke. Sorry
about the potential confusion.These are WAV files.
When I purchased my first few, I was paranoid so
I bought the CD where I knew the original song
came from. I ripped the music to a wav and
compared with both EAC and dbPoweramp (both
in secure/accurate mode) to the file I download,
and were bit-for-bit exact.

I have since stopped buying music online and
just troll garage sales and flea markets for
CDs that are heavily discounted, or buy directly
from the artists site.

I've since converted all my WAVs to FLACs
and convert to mp3 for mode listening.