View Full Version : Announce: SlimServer 6.0.1

Dan Sully
2005-04-06, 09:10
SlimDevices is proud to announce a maintenance release of SlimServer 6.0.1

As always, available for download (and Torrent) via http://www.slimdevices.com/download


ChangeLog for 6.0.1:

Squeezebox2 Firmware:

* Added support for WEP open system authentication (previously, we only did shared key).

* Fixes for BEFW11S4 v4 and Netgear MR814 v2 access points.

* Fixes for WEP on BEF11S4v2

* Support Ad-hoc wireless.

* Turned off global debugging. Leaving it on (an oversight) could cause
performance problems, including the "crunchy" audio when there was a
large amount of network activity while playing FLAC.

* Fix: blank screen after server disconnect.

* Fix: client-side animations weren't using the correct screen size when we had side visualizers.


* Don't include composers during searches unless you've changed the settings to.

* Don't try to shuffle remote streams - as they won't have a distinct Album.

* We weren't adding COMPOSER, CONDUCTOR, etc to the title format, which we used to do in 5.4


* If iTunes is available, turn it on by default.

* If a user moved their iTunes Music Folder, we still had stale information in the database.
Rescan, and pull the correct Music Folder path from the .XML file.


* Updated 'sox' on OSX to be statically linked for Ogg usage.

* Monkey's Audio: Use mac.exe v3.99 that properly supports stdout.


* Fix for Java 1.4 users (OSX mostly) - that prevented SoftSqueeze from being usable.


* Fixes for Fishbone & ExBrowse2

Known Issues:

* Large playlists can't be saved: bug #1266

* On some systems (Windows mostly), files with accented characters are not scanned: bug #1226

* Wipe Cache often causes incorrect listsings. Restarting the server should clear it up.

Bugs Fixed:

# 896 - Browse by artwork halts on accented characters.

# 936 - bottom line scrolling animation doesn't use new technique

#1044 - Client-side animations should only use the server-specified width

#1108 - .slimserversql.db (and conffile) always owned by group root

#1220 - Now Playing list in web interface doesn't always update correctly

#1225 - Crash on 'player settings' for remote client

#1226 - Parts or full albums missing.

#1232 - SoftSqueeze stops responding.

#1239 - "Browse Music Folder" from player fails on non-ASCII directory names

#1245 - display duration does not work as documented

#1246 - Fishbone cosmetics

#1249 - Pause changes volume level

#1255 - Problem saving 'now playing' information for player

#1259 - filetypes settings now showing transcoding

#1263 - ExBrowse2 + Browse Music Folder: no Page 1..n links

#1278 - itunes playlists coming up empty or not at all

#1295 - keyboard shortcut to copy causes ExBrowse2 to play

#1298 - Album year not shown with fishbone skin

#1301 - Selected Browse Option still inconsistent with browse results panel

#1308 - Can't set effective group at startup

#1312 - clicking download link on some songs in web interface crashes server