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2005-04-05, 16:38
>>> andrew (AT) norderney (DOT) demon.co.uk 04/05/05 7:35 PM >>>
> Is there any way of playing music files via my Squeeze Box which
> were downloaded in Windows Media File format?

All depends...
> If not, is there an easy way of converting these files into another
> format?

Always. I use dbPowerAmp, but I would guess any number of
apps can do the job just as well.

> I downloaded the tracks from a legal download site. I have no
> problem playing the track on my computer using Musicmatch
> Jukebox.

Do you know if they are DRM-encumbered? It may not be
obvious. The easiest way to eliminate that problem is to
burn the music to a CD and rip it back off.