View Full Version : SqueezeBox 2, Slimserver 6 and FLAC question

Josh Coalson
2005-04-05, 14:34
--- michael <michael (AT) fallenangel (DOT) com> wrote:
> Josh Coalson <xflac (AT) yahoo (DOT) com> writes:
> ...
> > when I originally did the CUESHEET block type and left out
> > tags, my plan was to add a CDTEXT type that actually emulated the
> > real CD-TEXT subcode data. when I started reading up on it, it
> > looked way to complicated, with images, etc. and I never got around
> > to it. I still think the right way is some CDTEXT subset that
> > is separate from the CUESHEET block (which I thought should be just
> > for the CD TOC and index points). but the cuesheet= tag may grow
> > because it solves the immediate need.
> Would it make sense to just stuff the cd subcode into a block without
> necessarily trying to interpret it? It seems that flac itself
> doesn't
> care what's in there, so it would just be archived for when someone
> wants to burn back out to a disc, and any interpretation can be
> offloaded to the app that wants at the data in there.

you could except it's large and highly redundant. it could be
probably be compressed a lot with simple methods but I'm not
ready to take on another compression project!


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