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2005-04-05, 10:31
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> the 'save' link will only be present if you have a writable
> playlist folder set in server settings.
> -kdf

Not exactly true. The save button will be present if you have
a playlist directory set up. It doesn't have to be writable,
just readable.

I've always created my playlists outside SlimServer and I just
wrote a little perl script to modify the path from my windows
machine where I created the m3u file to how slimserver
sees the files.

This past weekend was the first time I tried to show my wife
how to create a playlist of songs she likes without me doing
it for her. After setting the whole playlist up, I hit save and
the left pane (using fishbone - love it!) was updated, saying
that the playlist already existed. I've got tons in there, so I
just figured it was there and renamed it. Got the same
message. Looked at the permissions on the drive (running
FC3 with the latest nightly) and it was 744, owned by root.
Not sure how that happened, but slimserver was obviously
not going to be able to write with those permissions. I
changed the owner to slimserver and voila! I could save the
playlist. Brilliant!

There's got to be a better way. The web interface is
convenient, but I can only create a playlist without
affecting any of my clients (slimp3, sb1, softsqueeze).
Is this right? I had to fire up softsqueeze on my
windows box, have slimserver recognize it, change
slimserver to point to the correct ip address (simple
dropdown in fishbone), and create the playlist.

Minor annoyance, but it would be nice if I could either
figure out a decent xwindows player to create playlists
or create playlists from some sort of cli.