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Patrick Dixon
2005-04-05, 10:23
Where in Gloucestershire? You must talk with that funny accent they have
round here then ;-)

Seriously, I'm in the UK (in S Glos), and I got my SB2 (wired) today from
Broadbandstuff. I haven't had a lot of time to play with it, and I need to
get it hooked up into a 'proper' system, but 'sgood so far.

The only complaint I have is that I ordered a router and an SB1 the day
before SB2 was announced, and my router has since then been held pending SB2
stocks arriving ... (actually true - but not a problem).

I've done pretty much what you (worried new SB2 owner) have done, and having
got mine now, I see no reason why you should continue to be worried. As
someone who's spent over ?20K on an audio system, I reckon it's got to be
cracking VFM.

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> As far delivery in the UK, we seemed to be deemed as NOT IMPORTANT.

Not true.

Nearly half our sales are in Europe, with most of that being in the UK.
We take the UK as seriously as domestic sales, or anywhere else.

We have always shipped direct to anywhere in the world since day 1, and
we now have over a dozen dealers in the UK.

Right now Squeezebox2 supplies are limited because we're just beginning
shipment. However, within a week we expect to be mostly caught up, and
our reseller channels stocked. The customs agents and 5000 miles
between here and there mean it takes a few more days for things to get

The first people to receive Squeezebox2 were customers who had ordered
Squeezebox1 while it was out of stock (before the announcement). Their
orders were automatically upgraded to SB2 and were the first to ship.
We are now shipping Squeezebox2 to those who pre-ordered since then,
including resellers.

Also BTW I grew up in Gloucestershire, and Patrick (our VP of sales) is
from France. We are well aware that Europe exists. :)

Please sit tight a few more days. Thanks,