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2005-04-05, 10:22
Is it also fair to say that the SB2 was tested for weeks if not months with
tons of hardware combinations before release?

The bottom line is that they take the design of the product very seriously
and even if a minor hardware rev is required it is probably not going to
effect the bulk of the users out there.

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> > > I've therefore started reading all sorts of comments saying bad
> > > > things about SlimServer 6.0, and have also found comments
> > saying that
> > > > SB2 will likely have hardware issues that will be resolved
> >
> > again, speculation. as you are well-aware, the number of
> people who
> > actualy HAVE hardware is few but growing. suggesting a 'likeliness'
> > of hardware issues
> > is complete speculation. I actually HAVE a beta unit and
> it has been
> > working very well, with an occasional issue that can be fixed with
> > firmware. there was one issue with audio that has been resolved by
> > the complete rework of the analogue audio stage, including
> a very nice
> > Burr-Brown DAC.
> It's not speculation. I mentioned there was one esoteric
> hardware issue--but it IS a hardware issue... and one that I
> understard requires sending the unit back. With my receiver
> it loses synch from the coax digital out when I do things
> such as turn on lights in the house. It's a real issue and
> not some whacked issue with my cables or my house wiring.
> Sure, there is sometimes noise on this list... andm like I
> said, you tend to only see problems. But I don't think many
> people just type up a complaint for attention.
> Thanks,
> Phillip