View Full Version : metadata musings [was SqueezeBox 2,Slimserver 6 and FLAC question]

Josh Coalson
2005-04-05, 10:18
--- Jason Voegele <jason (AT) jvoegele (DOT) com> wrote:
> Josh Coalson said:
> >> > I use single file with embedded cue for CDs. all my metadata is
> >> > in an external DB and I've been using custom s/w with a rio
> >> receiver
> >> > for playback. now that I have a SB2 to play with I want to look
> >> > into how to do the same thing (even if it means I have to tag
> >> > the FLACs somehow).
> Just curious: do you do your ripping on Linux? If so, I'd love to
> know
> the toolchain you're using. Specifically, what do you use to get the
> cuesheet from the CD?

I still use EAC. I have an old old old NT4 box that I use
pretty much only for ripping and compiling FLAC win32 binaries.
as far as I know there is nothing that can really replace EAC
for secure ripping, open-source or not. I still have to
experiment with plextools.

on linux I think you can get the cuesheet with cdrtools somehow,
even with index points, but I still use EAC's.


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