View Full Version : metadata musings [was SqueezeBox 2,Slimserver 6 and FLAC question]

Josh Coalson
2005-04-05, 10:12
--- Sean Goller <sean (AT) goller (DOT) net> wrote:
> Josh Coalson wrote:
> > --- Sean Goller <sean (AT) goller (DOT) net> wrote:
> >
> >>Josh wrote:
> >>
> >>
> >>>I use single file with embedded cue for CDs. all my metadata is
> >>>in an external DB and I've been using custom s/w with a rio
> >>receiver
> >>>for playback. now that I have a SB2 to play with I want to look
> >>>into how to do the same thing (even if it means I have to tag
> >>>the FLACs somehow).
> >>>
> >>>Josh
> >>>
> >>
> >>
> >>Hi Josh,
> >> Would you be willing share a bit on how you've implemented this?
> >>I'm
> >>currently wrestling with how to store flac images in a meaningful
> >>way,
> >>and hadn't considered external storage for metadata. What do you
> >>actually name your images? Something human-readable, or something
> >>more
> >>processing-oriented like the md5sum of the flac file? would you be
> >>willing to share your schema?
> >
> >
> > I currently use mysql for the store. CD primary keys are formed
> > from a custom 160 bit hash I compute from the CD TOC data. it
> > is an SHA-1 digest of a message composed by packing as much bits
> > as possible from the TOC (including track type). it's similar to
> > the musicbrainz/cdindex hash but uses more bits from the TOC to
> > further reduce chances of collision.
> >
> > the schema is a little more complicated than id3v1 but less than
> > v2. I have mostly classical music so the main thing I wanted was
> > separation of performer and composer, multiple performers/composers
> > possible, hierarchical genre and mood, and keywords, and a simple
> > query language that uses it all for quickly composing dynamic
> > playlists (think "play all slow chamber music by j.s. bach
> random").
> >
> > I was planning to release it as open-source but never got the whole
> > way through. it's not in a shape to release, and metadata is a
> > personal thing; I was not sure that it would be as useful to anyone
> > else as it is to me.
> >
> > Josh
> >
> Cool! I'd still like to know what you name the actual .flac files,
> though. The hash? I was considering just doing an md5 of the flac
> image, but it sounds like yours is better.

I name the image after the 160 bit hash, like

you could use the FLAC MD5 for the name, the only downside I
guess would be the size of the message, so recomputing the
digest would take longer if you ever had to.

> Right now I'm just trying to see if someone's got an existing schema
> that gets me 90% of the way there so I can get things up and running
> reasonably quickly. If I can do that, then I can see if I can make
> slimserver deal with the archive setup. That gets me a fairly robust
> music archive/jukebox like thing.

sorry, don't have anything like that yet.


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