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Ben Cook
2005-04-05, 09:24
I've always disliked this format too. Whatever anyone says, it IS a steep
learning curve relative to a web-based forum. And the threads are always
getting chopped up with RE: etc. And you get loads of the original
text repeated in each message.

Just look at the success of the Avforums, or even the Roku support forum.
They are so much easier to use for a majority of us.

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Same here

It's taken me weeks to get this working. I don't have time to faff around
with this thing. I agree with the others, a proper forum is the way to go.

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I've just signed up to the forum and found it all rather confusing, and I'd
like to think I'm quite experienced at these things. I imagine a lot of
people just give up. Are you trying to discourage new members from posting?