View Full Version : Better forum please!

mixer boy
2005-04-05, 06:42
Paul, I apologies if I insulted you but your email to me was of a harsh
tone. Anyway..............

I was not asking for this list to stop, just for improved support by adding
a user friendly web based forum for front end users. I am not interested in
being part of the develpment group at this stage. I just want a simple place
to go to communicate with other front end home users. PHPBB would be
fantastic if we must go open source.

The vast majority of us are not in your position. We don't work for
companies that prohibit forum access, we are at home wanting to understand
our SD products better.

Sure I or another user could setup a forum. But it should be an official
thing. Users will go to slimdevices.com, click on support and to have a
clear link to a clear user friendly support forum can only help can't it?