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Patrick Dixon
2005-04-05, 06:40
Whooh ... change is REALLY scary!
(is that why you're missing the point?)

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This is a religious argument, and as such nobody is going to win. There are
numerous ways to read the information posted to this list. Find the one that
you like best and use it. IF you can't find _any_ that make you happy, start
your own.


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> Hi Paul
> I am sorry but you are wrong. This system is the kinda thing that was
> running in the late 60's/70's - things have come a long way since then.
> Slim
> devices have an excellent product that is going to grow and support forums
> allow other uses to share their experience leaving the staff to spend more
> time developing the products we all enjoy.
> I would expect 60% of new users will not participate with this current
> mailing list because it is ugly, slow and not straight forward which is
> why
> all major websites offering support, do not use mailing list support
> systems
> and have easy to use/navigate web based forums.
> If you cannot see the lucidly clear advantaged of using a system like
> vbulitin then you are clearly beyond any ability to form an intelligent
> opinion. Please research what a modern forum system like vbulitin is
> capable
> of. You mention it is possible to view the current posts in a forum
> interface already. Well if that is your idea of a forum interface no
> wonder
> you are against it - the current system is dire.
> I am not say this mailing list should cease, just a new system be put in
> place.
> I want to see slim devices grow and this support forum issue must be dealt
> with sooner or later.
> Regards,
> Mix
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> Look in the archives. Forums for a lot of people suck. With e-mail,
> I can participate in many more projects and only have to
> deal with one interface.
> Good luck, but if you put 1% of effort into looking in the
> archives (which are ina forum format already), you'll see
> this gets brought up every once in a while and slim devices
> is in the process of addressing it in their own FOSS way.
> Paul
> >>> mixerboy (AT) hotmail (DOT) com 04/03/05 7:08 PM >>>
> Please please can we have a better support forum? This type of mailing
> list forum belongs in the dark ages and makes support and communication
> very
> slow and tiring.
> Something like www.vbulletin.com is the way to go. SD needs to make
> its
> support as stunning as its devices.
> Hope you folks agree.

Dan Sully
2005-04-05, 09:21
As list moderator - I'm killing this thread.

The pony has been beat to death.

It's very obvious that there needs to be some amount of fragmentation of the
subject matter here into separate categories. We're still working on an
agreeable solution for that.

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Dan Sully
2005-04-05, 10:55
* StarBurst shaped the electrons to say...

>As someone who is considering purchasing from slim devices, killing this
>thread is a very good way to put me off from buying. I look for a
>quality support forum with most technology that I purchase.

I'm killing this thread because it's been beat to death at least 4 times over
the past few months. And it always turns into a "me vs them" religious
argument. I don't see how it has anything to do with the type of support we
give our customers.

As I stated, we are well aware of the need for a forum solution. We've also
been really busy putting out new hardware and software. There will be a
solution (though perhaps not one everyone is happy with), and I ask that you
be patient.

There's always been an official Customer Support via support @
slimdevices.com, or the telephone line.


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