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Christian Pernegger
2005-04-05, 03:17
>I would expect 60% of new users will not participate with this current
>mailing list because it is

What's ugly about e-mail? If you don't like the look of your mailer, use
another one.


I get copies of my own messages the instant I post them, and I've had
conversations at chat-speed around here. If I want to answer I just hit
reply, trim the text, add my bit and hit send. Most forum software has a
convoluted quoting mechanism using some kind of pseudo html tags.
Additionally, threading support is rare.

>and not straight forward

I fail to see what's not straight forward about e-mail. I don't want to
register at another forum, give up lots of personal information only to have
to remember another password. Everytime I switch browsers, the cookie info
on read/unread threads is most likely lost.

Sure, having a forum saves you from having to read most messages, so less
questions get answered and less people know about an issue if it was posted
OT in another thread.

>If you cannot see the lucidly clear advantaged of using a system like
>vbulitin then you are clearly
>beyond any ability to form an intelligent opinion.

Thanks for insulting me.

Now that specialized web sites and forums have replaced mailing lists,
everybody is after the RSS feeds. I wonder if that is because push is better
than pull for a lot of applications?