View Full Version : Duplicated Artists (v6.0.1)

Scott Bennett
2005-04-04, 19:29
I think you're on to something. It looks like mine is separating the
albums I ripped recently using EAC and the older ones I ripped using

Still, I thought that when using iTunes, SS didn't read the track tags
at all, and just used the information stored in the iTunes database.
There is no separation when I view the files in iTunes.


> I've seen the same duplicated artist issue on linux (using 6.1/trunk)
> I've just thought it was my tags until now. The tags look right on the
> surface, but often I find the items under one version of the artist
> are mp3 while the flacs end up under the other version, and since I
> use different programs for tagging each, I'm guessing that perhaps
> one is ending up as utf-8 while the other is 8859-1 or something.
> I haven't really had a chance to try "fixing" my tags yet, so that's
> all still just a guess.
> -michael