View Full Version : SqueezeBox 2, Slimserver 6 and FLAC question

Sean Goller
2005-04-04, 19:06
Josh wrote:

> I use single file with embedded cue for CDs. all my metadata is
> in an external DB and I've been using custom s/w with a rio receiver
> for playback. now that I have a SB2 to play with I want to look
> into how to do the same thing (even if it means I have to tag
> the FLACs somehow).
> Josh

Hi Josh,
Would you be willing share a bit on how you've implemented this? I'm
currently wrestling with how to store flac images in a meaningful way,
and hadn't considered external storage for metadata. What do you
actually name your images? Something human-readable, or something more
processing-oriented like the md5sum of the flac file? would you be
willing to share your schema?

ObSlim: I'm very interested in seeing excellent flac image support in
slimserver, since I didn't even know it supported it at all. I'd like to
help out with it where I can. I currently have an audiotron, but the
features of the squeezebox2 look really neat so I'm considering picking
one up. Dan, I live about a mile away from you guys, I don't suppose
it'd be possible to drive by and buy one directly, would it? :)