View Full Version : Re: Is it time to recall 6? Anyone getitworkingonSuse orRH 7.2?

2005-04-04, 16:36
> >>> dowen (AT) sapient (DOT) com 04/04/05 6:23 PM >>>
> >So I know that Michael Herger is running on SME 6.0 - so that
> > shouldn't be an issue for you.
> >
> >I've personally seen failures with RedHat 7.1 and 7.2 systems.
> Okay, you've just made me a very happy boy. Thank you!

Plus, I've been hearing that most package maintainers
are beginning to drop support for RH 7.3 even. All you
yum and apt-get users will be up a creek without a paddle
if you don't move up to at least 8.0...