View Full Version : SqueezeBox 2, Slimserver 6 and FLAC question

Josh Coalson
2005-04-04, 15:25
--- Steinar Bjaerum <steinar.bjaerum (AT) online (DOT) no> wrote:
> Josh,
> Thanks a lot for your precise answers to the FLAC questions. Getting
> answers right from the source is great.

glad to!

> One last question, do you use separate FLAC files for each track, or
> do you
> use whole album encoding with embedded cuesheet?

I use single file with embedded cue for CDs. all my metadata is
in an external DB and I've been using custom s/w with a rio receiver
for playback. now that I have a SB2 to play with I want to look
into how to do the same thing (even if it means I have to tag
the FLACs somehow).


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