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Todd Fields
2005-04-04, 08:55
--- Jason <jason (AT) pagefamily (DOT) net> wrote:
> Wow, that was about the most unhelpfull comment you possibly
> could have
> made. For folks who are only used to using web forums an
> email list is a
> very confusing and odd thing to use, especially since the

I thought it was kind of funny myself. The messages may not be
threaded but they have subject lines. I'm not sure about
everyone else but when I read an e-mail and want to reply my
first inclination is to click the "Reply" button.

I'm not saying the list format is better or worse than a forum
format, I'm just saying that for those in favor of a forum to
try and build their case based on the premise that the list
format is too complicated for the average user is just silly.
If you've got the skill to navigate Slim Devices website and
sign up for the list and you know how to check, send and respond
to e-mails then you've got the skill to be a part of the list.
For it to take two hours for someone who implies that they are
an above average user to figure out how the list works means
that they weren't trying very hard or took a lunch break and
maybe even caught a movie during that two hours.

Just $.02 from a below average user.

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