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2005-04-04, 06:13
Wow, that was about the most unhelpfull comment you possibly could have
made. For folks who are only used to using web forums an email list is a
very confusing and odd thing to use, especially since the email readers that
90% of folks use does not take the delivered mail and put it into any sort
of threaded view.

The result is people have an inbox full of unthreaded messages with no idea
how to respond to them. If they receive the digests it's even worse.

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> 2 hours to use e-mail? Wow, I'm surprised you're able to get
> out of bed...
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> Couldn't agree more got my vote it took me 2 hours to figure
> out how to use this thing and for the average person they
> would just give up!!!!!!!!!!!
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> Subject: [slim] Better forum please!
> Please please can we have a better support forum? This type
> of mailing list forum belongs in the dark ages and makes
> support and communication very slow and tiring.
> Something like www.vbulletin.com is the way to go. SD needs
> to make its support as stunning as its devices.
> Hope you folks agree.