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Christian Pernegger
2005-04-04, 04:04
>6.0, on the other hand, is unusably bug-ridden -- but this really shouldn't
>be a surprise, as the
>Slim people ripped out the guts of the thing and reworked it. Based on
>knowing how unsmoothly
>that usually works in any project, past experience with SlimServer
>releases, and looking at the
>bug reports before 6.0 was deemed "release quality," it had to have been
>clear to most people
>on this list that SlimServer 6.0 would effectively be a beta product well
>after its official release.

I'd reckon 6.0 was put up as stable release for the following reasons:
- The SB2 started shipping end of March, there needed to be a release
server for it.
- Maintaining two really distinct code bases was too much work - now
everybody can concentrate
on fixing bugs in the version that counts.
- Too few people were willing to test ss6 before its 'release', see the
2.6 Linux kernel

People say 5.4, the official version for the sb1, was stable. I wouldn't
know for I haven't tried it much - but iall boils down to one thing: When
you buy an even vaguely computer related product shortly after its release
you buy a prototype. The first few mainboards with a given new chipset will
have serious kinks, where even a BIOS update won't help. I've yet to buy a
graphics card which doesn't need at least 20 driver revs and one h/w
revision to at least remotely work.

The SB2 has been out a week if that, what did you expect? Please wait two
months before you bitch.

Having said that, all my problems with the sb have been related to server
hardware or software configuration. Silmserver, maybe because it's a little
picky, has exposed multiple problems with the host machine so far, and I
kind of like that, since all the issues have affected the other apps on the
server in more clandestine ways.

Sure, the db still duplicates entries from time to time, the (unsupported
but JustWorks) mysql backend still times out over night, some operations
(shuffle, etc) have a noticeable delay. All in all I'm fine, though.