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Andrea Minini
2005-04-03, 13:33
At long last, after bugging both Rob Leslie (author of madplay mp3
decoder) and kode54 (author of the foo_id3v2.dll library for id3v2 support
in Foobar2k), I've managed to come up with a working solution to get
proper replaygain with Squeezebox and SlimServer (so far only in
album/audiophile mode).

To do this you need the latest madplay build, downloadable from here:

and the latest version of foo_id3v2.dll that you can get from here:

You then proceed to copy foo_id3v2.dll in your Foobar2k components
subdirectory (usually at C:\Program Files\foobar2000\components) and...
well, basically you start analyzying all your MP3s for album replaygain.

Since madplay and Foobar have a problem "talking with each other", so far
madplay it's only capable of interpreting replaygain in album/audiophile
mode, if you have lots of songs not inserted in full albums you'll have to
resort to some tricks to properly replaygain them. I used the massediting
feature in foobar to autotracknumber them, then proceeded to copy the
track number tag to the album tag (so I had album 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, etc.).
This way you can analyze all the songs as multiple albums and you get the
correct replaygain value for each single track.

Well... apart from this, you obviously have to add two lines to your
slimserver-convert.conf file. After long experiments I have found that the
lines that work are these:

mp3 wav squeezebox *
[madplay] --output=raw:- --replay-gain=audiophile --attenuate=-0

I suppose lucky Squeezebox2 owners will probably want something like this:

mp3 flc squeezebox *
[madplay] --output=raw:- --replay-gain=audiophile --attenuate=-0
$FILE$ | [flac] -cs --totally-silent --compression-level-0 -

Bear in mind that, although it appears useless, the "--attenuate=-0"
option is fundamental to get the right result.

I hope somebody will find this useful. It's definitely more precise than
what MP3gain can achieve.


Major kudos to kode54 for making all of this possible. :)

2005-04-15, 03:31
I give this a bump, considering that the new forums were not online when I originally posted it to the mailing list.

I'd really like some feedback from other users willing to try this approach.

2005-04-15, 03:58
What was suggested when I first proposed this, is that, since SB2 is in any case doing MP3 decoding based on madplay, it shouldn't be too hard to implement replaygain for MP3s directly on SB2.

If Slimdevices did this for MP3 and FLAC, I would buy SB2 the next minute (even though I have my SB1 only since January).

2005-09-13, 03:47

I have fiddled with this for 2 days and cannot get it to work.

I put madplay in the \server\bin directory (and in win\system32) and have successfully run the command from the command line that you suggest in your file (though of course it just dumps garbage to the screen).

I am using SoftSqueeze as I have not yet committed to purchasing a SB2. Do you think that could be the problem?

Any suggestions?