View Full Version : 6.0 Server stops at request for any playlist

Mike Morper
2005-04-03, 09:56
Sorry for the fire drill, after going through the slim log, I found the
culprit. I have a plugin that is not 6.0 compatible. Taking it outta
the plugin folder solved my problem. Thanks for the suggestion to check
the log.

>> I'm running OS X 10.3.8 and I am now effectively dead in the water. As
>> soon as I request a song (either through the web UI or from my
>> Squeezebox, the server stops running. I restart it from the SlimServer
>> Preference panel it starts up again. But as soon as a playlist is
>> requested (or any other song for that matter) the server stops again.
>> The Read Me indicated that there would be a firmware update for my SB.
>> However, my SB never prompted me (like it has in previous releases)
>> for
>> a firmware update. Do I need to "force" an update?
> there have been a few recent updates for SB2. press and hold
> brightness. i'm
> assuming, of course, you are talking about SB2 with the latest nightly
> builds
> since you havent actually mentioned what version of the server that
> you are
> using.
>> Please help. I have no music now :(
> as for the crashes...please supply the crash messages.
> -kdf