View Full Version : SlimServer V6.0.1 can't see iTunes music library

Tom Schmidt
2005-04-03, 09:40
I just installed SlimServer V6.0.1 and it can't seem to see my iTunes music
library. After a rescan it yields 0 albums and 0 songs. It worked fine
with 5.4.1. I've tried setting it both to find the iTunes library
automatically and have specified the location of the library. In the server
settings tab, I have my Music Folder and Playlists Folder blank, iTunes set
to "Use iTunes". Any suggestions?

Michel Fombellida
2005-04-03, 10:46

I had a similar issue once. I stopped the service, deleted the database (on
Windows it is C:\program files\slimserver\server\cache\slimserversql.db. Then
restarted the service, the db is then recreated and it worked. Try, it will
perhaps help.