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2005-04-03, 09:00
Thanks for the various helpful responses. I went through them all, one at a

- yes, the files are named .wav or .flac (I even tried changing one
from flac to FLAC)

- tried the copy/paste of the path from windows explorer, this
didn't help

- the only user on here is me, and I have administrator status

- the slimserver file types checked do include WAV and FLAC

- I opened up Task Manager to see what happened when scanning: I
saw a short burst of CPU activity from slim.exe and slimserver.exe, just a
few seconds, then back to 0 - 1 %

- I don't think I know how to run the exe from the command line...
if I open a "DOS" window and type slimserver it just starts up the GUI. I
did explore the documentation and found the really fun TELNET interface,
which did work, but (no surprises) just gave me the same answers in a less
friendly format. "rescan" just resulted in a terse "rescan" response.

- "browse music folder" just shows one entry,

THEN I Noticed ... "It can sometimes be worth trying a 'Wipe Cache' too
(server settings>performance), rather than just a rescan" ... and guess
what, it burst into life! I'm listening to my first track as I write.. :)

So a big thanks to you all, gents, I will doubtless be back - but I do
promise to be helpful myself one day




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OK, one more stupid thing to check: that your 'music' files are named '.wav'
or '.flac' (as appropriate).

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Might sound like a stupid thing to suggest but bear with me...

Browse to your music folder on your hard-drive (e.g. c:\audio). When you
can see "c:\audio" in the address bar, copy this and paste it directly into
the setting for "music folder".

I know it's got to be pretty much impossible to get it wrong while typing
it, but just give it a try. Click the "change" button to make the setting
active, and then do a rescan.

If this fails, then maybe thereis some reason why the slimserver can't see
the files - this could be because:

(a) the user who runs slimserver service may not have permission to view
the contents of the c:\audio location; or

(b) slimserver has been configured to look for only certain file-types, and
none of those file types are listed. (e.g. "server settings>file types" from
the SB web control panel.

Both options are a bit unlikely, but both are worth checking just to rule
them out.



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ceejay wrote:
> Thanks for the response. I had intended to go for such a structure,
> though with only 3 albums hadn't got quite that far yet! Nevertheless,
> just in case it was important, I've moved a couple into the full
> directory structure but (no surprise) its made no difference.
> And I don't think the "guess tag formats" is going to help either -
> slimserver just isn't seeing ANY music files. I note that when I click
> "rescan" I get a message at the top saying "The server is now rescanning
> your Music Library", which doesn't seem to go away. Should it? How long
> ought it to take to scan 3 CDs??! All I'm doing at the moment is
> waiting till I get bored (multiple minutes) then checking "home" only
> still to read ... "Your music library contains 0 albums with 0 songs by 0
> artists"

yes, that should go away. Are you able to look at task manager and see
what slimserver is doing? Better yet, run the exe from the command line.

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