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Patrick Dixon
2005-04-03, 08:01
I can understand your frustration, but bear with it.

The "The server is now rescanning your Music Library" message doesn't go
away for me either; until I reselect a 'Browse' option - so I think this is
pretty normal.

I agree it's odd that it sees absolutely nothing, but IME slimserver does
get it's knickers in a bit of a twist when it can't understand the tags/name
format. I've just tried a test, and the 'Browse Music Folder' option does
show the correct songs even without any proper tagging/name
structure/directory structure, but other views give me garbage results.
Does 'Browse Music Folder' give you anything at all?

It definitely works if you use a directory structure as I suggested, and
make sure that it's reflected in one of the 'Guess Tags' - even if you have
no tags (which you certainly won't for your WAV files). If you're not
getting anywhere, it's probably worth going back to basics and trying that
with one album (at least). It can sometimes be worth trying a 'Wipe Cache'
too (server settings>performance), rather than just a rescan.

FWIW, I'm running on a similar platform to you (P4/256MB, XP2 SP2,
Firefox) - so it can work.
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Thanks for the response. I had intended to go for such a structure,
though with only 3 albums hadn't got quite that far yet! Nevertheless, just
in case it was important, I've moved a couple into the full directory
structure but (no surprise) its made no difference.

And I don't think the "guess tag formats" is going to help either -
slimserver just isn't seeing ANY music files. I note that when I click
"rescan" I get a message at the top saying "The server is now rescanning
your Music Library", which doesn't seem to go away. Should it? How long
ought it to take to scan 3 CDs??! All I'm doing at the moment is waiting
till I get bored (multiple minutes) then checking "home" only still to
read . "Your music library contains 0 albums with 0 songs by 0 artists"

And thanks for the offer of ripping my music. but its not going to be much
help if I can't use the ripped files!!!

Any more bright ideas out there?




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I think 'normal' practice is to use a directory structure like:

C:\AUDIO\artistname\albumname\tracks.flac (or wav)

(I'm not sure if this is what you've done).

You can then use 'server settings>formatting>guess tags formats' to set a
'backstop' naming convention. You'll definitely need this with the WAV
files, as they contain no tags at all, but you should be able to set FLAC
tags as part of the ripping process. Or use a tag editing program like
Tag&Rename to add/edit them manually later. Slimserver will pickup on the
tags and recognise your music, or use the 'guess tags' in the event of no

If you're in the UK and want help ripping your music, feel free to contact
me off-list as I'm just setting up a service with the emphasis on quality
(audio and otherwise!).

HTH, Patrick.

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OK, So I'm almost certainly missing something silly here, but help would
be much appreciated. not been able to find appropriate help in the archives

I have a Windows XP Pro machine, SP2, 600MHz P3 processor, 384MB memory,
using Firefox browser.

I'm just at the very beginning of using all this stuff: I've wanted for
some time to be able to set up a music library on a PC server and stream it
to various PCs around the house, and also into the stereo. Classical music,
and audio quality, are important to me so I really want to do this lossless.
So now I read about Squeezebox2, FLAC and Slimserver and I think "great", I'
ll give this a go.

But before I spend money on the Squeezebox and a new HDD, and a *LOT* of
time ripping 400 CDs, I thought I'd better get the setup and process right
first. So I've set up a simple server (spec above), not doing anything
else. I've downloaded Slimserver (6.0.0) and Softsqueeze (and EAC and FLAC
for ripping/compressing).

I've ripped just 3 CDs as a test: 1 as WAV, 2 as FLAC files (separate
files). Each CD is in a directory under C:\AUDIO (it will be a separate
disc if and when I'm confident that this works!). I can see all the files
in Windows Explorer, and play or decode them with WMP or FLAC.

I've installed and can run both Slimserver and Softsqueeze. I've used
the "Server Settings / Music Folder" box to point to the Audio folder (and
clicked Change). I've clicked Rescan . and waited . but still I get told by
Slimserver (or Softsqueeze) that I have no music in my library.