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Todd Fields
2005-04-02, 21:45
--- Iain Shaw <iain (AT) brilliantliving (DOT) co.uk> wrote:
> I know there a number of threads aroundf talking about should
> I /
> shouldn't I upgrade to 6
> My experience
> I think I've got a modest requirement running on reasonable
> kit - only
> 5000 tracks on a P4 machine with 1GB RAM - 250GB disk.
> Machine runs W2K
> Server and isn't used for too much else - houses a lot of

I have a very similar set up as you (dedicated computer running
an Athlon XP 2800+, 1GB RAM, 250GB HD, XP Pro with 13,000 MP3's
streaming to one SLIMP3 and one original Squeezebox.) My
experience has been the opposite of yours. While I must admit I
have not put version 6 through it's paces yet, so far I've had
no problems and find it much faster and more stable (version 5.4
would sometimes crash on me when I tried to play a song when the
server had been idle for a long period (and, yes, "turn off hard
disk" is set to "never" in the Power Settings.)) Someone else in
another thread mentioned version 6 taking longer to Browse Music
Folders. Again my experience is opposite here as well as
version 5.4 and all of its predecessors would usually take
several seconds to browse my folder (I have a lot of
directories) but version 6 has almost no hesitation. Shuffling
very large playlists (my biggest contains about 2,600 tracks)
still takes several seconds as it has in previous versions
though. Overall, I've been very pleased so far.

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