View Full Version : Slimserver is confused by directory and playlist with thesame name

2005-04-02, 15:15
I have observed a very strange behavious of slimserver (I have tried
5.4 and 6.0, they behave the same):

I have a directory with subdirectories and a lot of songs in it. I have
build a playlist with just some songs of that directory and called it
exactly like the directory.

The playlist itself works ok, but this is strange: when I am browsing
by music folder, navigate to that directory and press the play button
my squeezebox does not play all songs from the directory but only the
ones in the playlist with the same name! This happens in the Squeezebox
interface as well as in the web browser interface.

I renamed the playlist and everything behaves normal. Renaming it back
starts the behaviour described above again. It is repeatable.

So the fix for me is just to rename the playlist, but I think this
should be corrected neithertheless.