View Full Version : 6.0 problem - playlist stops frequently at track boundaries

Chris Saunders
2005-04-02, 11:21
Is this during sync between the SB1 and SS2? I've seen similar in 6b3 and
haven't had a chance to give the final a good shakedown. But what I was
seeing was all sorts of problems (which I can further post as I revisit
Final 6) do to with Syncing between a Slimp3 and SS2.


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Apologies for filling the list with individual issues but i figure
they're easier to keep on topic.

I'm getting frequent 'stops' using 6.0 whether on SS2 or SB1s. Tracks
will play for a while and then the playlist will stop and i'll need to
hit pause to restart. It always happens at a track boundary - eg
track 9 will end, the title of track 10 will show but it wont play
until i hit pause.

Anyone else?

(BTW, i am very impressed by 6.0 generally - the search is vastly
improved and really quick)