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Patrick Dixon
2005-04-02, 11:14
Yeah - it happened that way on my windows box too. And it put an icon on my

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Patrick Dixon wrote:
> Thanks Jack
> "I don't use Fedora myself, but I'd guess
> that you don't have a Java plugin in whatever browser you're using, so
> it gave you some sort of "I don't know what to do with this jnlp stuff"
> message. You probably assumed that was a "download this?" message,
> waited a few seconds for nothing to happen, and then went searching."
> No, I've got firefox with a java plugin - so no "don't know what to do".
> Waited more ike a few minutes (it is a slow m/c though).
> OK, so what should have happened then? And how do I undo what I've done
> get it to happen right then?

I'm currently rebuilding my linux laptop, so I can't say exactly what
would happen, but firefox+java's behavior should be the same any any OS.
That's the whole point of the "write once, run anywhere" philosophy
underlying both toolkits.

So what should happen when you click help > softsqueeze > install and
run is: the applet downloads and launches. You get a splashscreen saying
softsqueeze [version] with a picture. It downloads some more resources,
unpacks some stuff, and then opens a virtual squeezebox.

That's the way it happens on my mac and my windows box, and the way it
happened on my linux box the last time I had one with X.

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