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2005-04-02, 10:42

I previously had the default list (The El La Los Las Le Les). I tried
clearing it to nothing, and rescanning - now everything's perfect again.
Just to confirm my findings, I reset the list to the defaults, rescanned
again, and it's all screwed up again. So there's something about that list
and my music collection which really confuses poor old slimserver.

(FYI I don't use iTunes.)

Dan - did the DB file I sent you shed any light? Should I raise a bug

Thanks for the help Alexander!


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> Even more entertainingly, the quick list at the top of the web
> interface (which should read ABCDEF...) actually spans nearly the
> entire page and is just a random collection of letters.

I've noticed this behaviour in previous versions (5.3 and 5.4) as well. I
was able to track it down to my editing the "Articles to ignore" list in
connection with using the iTunes database as the source for slimserver. When
I removed the german articles (der, die,
das) and restored the original list all was fine again.

I never filed this as a bug though :-/