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Phillip Kerman
2005-04-01, 19:06
> >Maybe it's adding a third wireless SB but I really think
> 6.0.0 causes my
> >devices to lose connection to the server pretty often. The
> worst part is
> >they don't seem to know how to reconnect without me forcing
> a restart.
> >
> >Any thing to try to track it down?
> >
> >
> What are you doing when these disconnections happen? What do your
> devices say on their screen? When you say "restart" are you talking
> about restarting your devices or SlimServer? Do all of your
> devices seem
> to disconnect at the same time?

Sometimes it happens when I'm sleeping--naps or overnight. That is, when all
units are off. It also happens so often when I try to connect to internet
radio---say slim picks>alternative>play. I had a SB2 and SB1 set to
synchronize that time.

Is the "internet radio no computer" feature a feature of 6.0.0 server or


Jason Voegele
2005-04-02, 04:08
On Friday 01 April 2005 09:06 pm, Phillip Kerman wrote:
> Is the "internet radio no computer" feature a feature of 6.0.0 server or
> SB2?

Considering that the *server* resides on a computer, I'd say that it's likely
a feature of SB2. ;-)

Jason Voegele
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