View Full Version : Having trouble with Slimserver v 6 missing some of youraudio files?

Gordon Harris
2005-03-31, 23:58
Having trouble with Slimserver v 6 missing some of your audio files?

I know I am. It seems like all my flac files with diacritic characters in the
file names get skipped by Slimserver when it builds it’s db from my library.
For instance, the file "Flute Music - Auréole Ensemble.flac" is ignored.

I’m sure this problem will get fixed, and soon. But, in the meantime, I’ve
written a little Windows console program called fixfilesforslim.exe that will
rename any files with diacritic characters to something that Slimserver can
find. The utility makes a record of all the files it’s renamed so that it can
restore all the filenames in the future.


fixfilesforslim D:\Music\*.flac /s

This will fix any offending flac filenames in the D:\Music folder and all

Fixfilesforslim D:\Music\*.flac /s /r

This will restore the original filenames that were "fixed" in the previous

You can download the utility (windows only, sorry) and the complete source at:


Let me know if you find it helpful.