View Full Version : Browse Music Folder 'problems'

Julian Alden-Salter
2005-03-31, 14:29

I've been using my sb2 and ss v6.0 for a few days now and there are 2 little
problems that are bugging me. They are:

1) I have 2 hard drives on my music server one with songs from a-g and
the other with h-z there are links to these drives (or directories on them
in actual fact) in my 'my music' directory which is set as slim servers
music directory. I've set things up so that 'The Doors' will go on the a-g
drive however even though I have the 'articles to ignore' setting set to
ignore 'The' and 'the', 'The Doors' still appears at the end of the
directory list rather than with the 'D's' as it did on 5.4

2) My music library is reasonably large (900 ish albums 10k+ songs)
the thing is when I browse into either main directory (a-g or h-z) there is
an annoying pause (presumably while some stuff is cached) I've tried the
options I could see in the server controls that may have a bearing on this
but can't rid myself of the pause. This didn't happen with 5.4 either.

Any ideas what I can do to fix these minor problems or is it a 'wait for an
update' jobbie?