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Ben Cook
2005-03-31, 13:45
Sean - I'm getting loss of sync with my DAC too. Please buy one immediately
and test. You can get one here: http://www.dcsltd.co.uk/dcs_elgar_plus.html

Once the testing is finished I'll take the DAC off your hands, for, say 30.

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Just got my new toy and took it apart. Very nice machine.

The S/PDIF receiver (and transmitter) chip is the AK4114:


Kevin tried several coax cables of various length and quality but could not
reproduce any loss-of-sync problem or obvious data errors. Still testing

On Mar 30, 2005, at 6:26 AM, Mike Reeve wrote:

> Julian Alden-Salter <julian.alden-salter@...> writes:
>> When I was setting up my squeezebox2 I had to remove my behringer
>> ultramatch (mk1) from between the sb2 and my dac.
>> With the ultramatch (a jitter buster amongst other things) in the
>> loop I got no sound and the emphasis light on both the dac and the
>> behringer flashed randomly.
> I was surprised to read this as when I connected my new Squeebox 2 to
> first an Apogee Big Ben and then a Genesis Digital Lens both locked
> instantly (the Big Ben in narrow mode) and showed exactly 44.10.
> As I happen to have a Behringer Ultramatch Pro (i.e. the MK2 24/96
> version of the Ultramatch) lying around I just connected my Squeezebox
> 2 to it and it locks instantly/cleanly ...
> If I recall correctly the Ultramatch MK1 used the old
> CS8402 SPDIF receiver (whereas the MK2 uses the newer 8412/8414
> series), I wonder which receiver the Rotel RSX1056 uses ...
> Mike

2005-03-31, 13:55
> Once the testing is finished I'll take the DAC off your hands, for,
> say 30.

Hmm... possibly a good deal by the time I'm done with it: