View Full Version : overview of server settings>file types

Phillip Kerman
2005-03-31, 12:05
> > I don't know if I totally get this section of the server settings.
> >
> > I want one wireless SB1 to play everything as MP3 (that is,
> transcode FLACs
> > to 320kpbs)
> > I want another SB1 wired to play everything as WAV (that
> is, transcode FLACs
> > and MP3s to raw PCM)
> > I want my new SB2 (wireless) to do all decoding on the client side.
> player settings, audio, bitrate limiting. setting to no
> limit will let the SB2
> and wired SB1 to play at their preferred format. for SB2,
> this is flac. The
> logic isn't yet designed to have the player prefer native
> (WAV will convert to
> FLAC because FLAC is preferred to conserve bandwidth). It is
> planned for a
> later release, however.
> setting to 320 will limit to 320kbps mp3 for the wireless
> player (default if it
> was first connected as a wireless)

Because I'm troubleshooting my SB2 right now, I want to set up my old SB1 to
no limit with FLAC but to up-convert and stream MP3s as PCM... there was a
setting in the conf that I had to use in the past.

I can dig up my old conf file but I'm still confused a) what the server
settings for file types really means--that is, I'd like to be able to
understand what I'm doing... and b) how do I say "SB2 you do native FLAC and
native MP3"; "SB1 living room you do both FLAC and MP3 (upsampled) as PCM";
"SB1 kitchen you do FLAC downsampled to MP3 and MP3 as MP3".