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Julian Alden-Salter
2005-03-31, 02:56
I haven't specifically tried wavs but I can't tell any difference between
server and client side flac processing (server side involves transcoding to
wav's I believe). Personally I'd go (and have gone with) with flacs ripped
as tracks and make sure they are properly tagged.
If you truly have 'infinite' storage then either method is as valid as the
other imho.


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Natan & Nicki Tiefenbrun <tiefenbruns@...> writes:

> I'm hooking my SB up to a Linn
> DAC, and even with raw WAVs it doesn't sound half as good as the CD
> player with digital out, so I assume it's to do with the clocking.


Just in case you are running a wireless set up ...
.... have you checked (and I apologise if you have already done so)
that you have set Player Settings > Bitrate Limiting to No Limit?

[Recall that it defaults to transcoding to 320Kbps MP3 ...
.... I forgot this once after changing my set up
and had a moment of shock/panic until I remembered :-O]