View Full Version : OK, this is totally, totally weird..

Richard Elen
2005-03-31, 01:59
> From: Gordon Harris <gharris999 (AT) earthlink (DOT) net>
> BTW, would grounding the SB2 and the DI/O
> chassis together do anything? If so, where would I find a good spot to tie a
> ground to on the SB2?

This certainly sounds like a grounding issue, specifically involving the
S/PDIF coax phono connector on the SB2, but I haven't received mine yet
so I can't check, so this is a guess. A bit surprising if true in more
than one case, though.

I don't know whether the SB2 has separate analog and digital grounds but
probably not. You could try tying the body of a phono plug inserted into
the analog output to the body of the S/PDIF plug at one end or the
other, for example. I think this is what you are actually doing when you
have one of the analog leads connected.

This could be an issue for me as I don't have any spare S/PDIF optical
inputs on my processor...

--Richard E