View Full Version : OK, this is totally, totally weird..

Phillip Kerman
2005-03-30, 21:24
> >>
> >> Does your DAC have optical in?
> >>
> >
> > Nope, just S/PDIF. Waddya want for a $137 DAC?
> Crap - well this is a tricky issue to debug without poking at
> it with a
> scope.
> BTW S/PDIF is S/PDIF - could mean optical or coax. "TOSLink"
> specifically means optical, but if you just say S/PDIF it could mean
> either.

I can confirm my set up has the same issue:
with no analog connections to the SB2 I get nothing out of the coax...
though... my receiver does seem to freak out and attempts to try different
decoding (like dolby xyz). I do have an optical IN to my receiver but don't
have a cable.