View Full Version : Apple lossless vs Flac

Chris Glushko
2005-03-30, 17:29
> aac is allegedly better but I don't think the iPod
> has the sound
> quality to really tell the difference between aac
> and mp3 at the same
> bitrate. I could of course be wrong.

Sound quality on the iPod isn't an issue. I agree the
difference between AAC and MP3 on the ipod is most
likely negligible 99 percent of the time.
> I don't know where you live, but in the U.S. hard
> drives are cheap
> enough that it isn't issue keeping both lossy and
> lossless.

Storage space isn't an issue either.

> For uploading to the iPod - I don't use iTunes, I
> use gtkpod - it's
> not quite as well integrated as iTunes is, but it
> also doesn't care
> how many computers I have set to sync with it - I
> can use the music
> withing gtkpod on any number of PC's, which is nice
> because I can play
> the iPod playlists from the iPod through the better
> sound card of
> whatever computer I happen to be using - and Apple's
> BS of only
> allowing the iPod to connect to one computer for one
> user doesn't get
> in my way of me playing my legally obtained music.

As long as your iPod isn't set to auto sync, you won't
have issues using it on another computer. And auto
sync would be useless for me as I have way too much
music to fit on the ipod.
> I don't know how close they are, but there is a
> sourceforge project
> for a flac plugin for QuickTime. There exists one
> for ogg, which does
> let you play ogg in iTunes - last time I used it
> (year ago or so) it
> had a tendency to skip a lot and iTunes didn't
> understant vorbis tags.
> But maybe the tag thing is resolved, and maybe the
> flac plugin has
> been released - it's worth looking at if you really
> do want to use
> iTunes for your music.

I see you point, but my point is that using iTunes to
manage my music in Apple lossless works well and I
suffer no audio quality loss. Plus its far simpler
for loading stuff onto the ipod. I don't believe in
the theory that apple lossless is just going to
disappear one day, so besides that are there any
drawbacks of managing all my music in iTunes and
storing my music in Apple Lossless besides the fact
that its too convenient?