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2005-03-30, 15:04
>>> chopcg (AT) yahoo (DOT) com 03/30/05 4:37 PM >>>
> But, what if you have a very large music
> collection and use an iPod where you interchange
> tracks often? This would mean that for every
> new track you want on your ipod, you'll have to
> go to your flac library, decompress the file, import
> it into iTunes, tag it in iTunes, compress it to the
> format of choice and then place the file on your iPod.

I transcode to mp3 in a mirrored type of directory
as a nightly cron job. MP3 is good enough for
portable music (for me) and it's the only format that
all my music exists in. I have FLAC for CD rips,
and WAV for tape and vinyl. Everything gets
put to mp3 so I can listen on my Archos. I've been
thinking about an ipod, but refuse to use iTunes
to manage the songs on it. I have friends that
have ipods and use ipodlinux and love it.

> I have no problems with FLAC (and the fact that
> theSB2 natively supports FLAC has me drooling),
> but the ability to keep all my music in iTunes in a
> lossless format keeps me using Apple Lossless (even
> if I have sold my soul to the devil).

LOL...that's funny. My only fear of going the ipod
route is that one of the reasons for going there is
I have an Alpine head unit in my car, and having
the ability to control my portable music player from
the head unit where I have a remote for my other
passengers to fight over would be really cool.

> - Chris

> ps - I know someone is going to bring up the fact
> that there are alternatives to the iPod, like the
> iRiver. However, I've found that the iRiver for
> all it can do is nowhere near as good of a portable
> music player. In addition, iTunes is a great
> program for cataloging your music collection.

I totally agree. There's a reason Apple hires
lots of industrial designers. Their hardware
is the coolest and just about the most well-designed
stuff in the industry. iTunes is ok for keeping
track of music. I've been thinking about using
it for my mp3 collection, but can't bring myself
to do it.

> pss - Aren't you being a little over dramatic in
> your scenario above? I highly doubt Apple
> Lossless is just going to disappear one day in
> the blink of an eye with nothing left on the
> planet to support it.

Am I? Apple has already lost one battle
in the courts and promised to stay out of
music. If it weren't for Michael's distractions
lately, who knows? Maybe Apple vs. Apple
will be the next great Groklaw debate.

If there's no corporation backing iTunes
or Apple Lossless, how long do you think
the format would survive? I don't see too
many open source projects for DRM out there...

(stirring the DRM pot again...)