View Full Version : Help - hummmm

Dave Owen
2005-03-30, 14:21
>> Do I understand correctly that you have your SB plugged into the
>> inputs on your amp/receiver? If so, do you have any other input on
>> the receiver? Aux or tape should work better. I dont know in what
>> way record players' outputs are technically different from newer
>> components, but they are.
Less technical than reading the wikipedia: phono inputs are amp'd to
bring the input level up to the standard line level within the receiver
-- this because the needle in a record player puts out a very weak
signal that requires such amping. That's also why you can't plug a
record player into a standard line-level in without an external phono
amp, unless you don't want to hear anything.

The other power supply probably killed the hum because the p/s couldn't
supply enough power for the squeezebox's amp to reach full power, so it
was sending out something closer to a phono-level output. Quick solution
here would be to use another input.

Of course, if you are NOT using the phono input...I might be stumped.