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Julian Alden-Salter
2005-03-30, 01:11

When I was setting up my squeezebox2 I had to remove my behringer ultramatch
(mk1) from between the sb2 and my dac. With the ultramatch (a jitter buster
amongst other things) in the loop I got no sound and the emphasis light on
both the dac and the behringer flashed randomly. Removing it got everything
working correctly, not that it was a big problem for me as the sb2's output
is clean enough already. This was using a coaxial digital cable (shark wire
terminated with bullet plugs).

I use a Linksys wrt54g which has never crashed.

The great thing is that now Sean and the guys have total control over the
dsping and spdif output it should be fixable via a patch once they've worked
out what's going on.




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Subject: [slim] kinks in the SB2?


I'm about to buy my wireless set up for SB2 now. Probably FLAC, definitely
lossless, via Xandros (Debian based) Linux distro. Any other hardware to
stay away from, or more importantly that is really stable?


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Subject: [slim] kinks in the SB2?

> First, mine goes blank for no apparent reason sometimes. Blank screen.

Does it keep playing audio? Can you control it from the web interface?

> Also, I'm trying to compare the digital out into my DAC to the
> internal DAC
> but the digital out can't stay locked (I think that's it... my receiver
> keeps reseting like it used to between PCM and MP3).

That shouldn't be. Which receiver?

> Plus, it won't connect to my wireless network--though the tech support
> seems
> to think it's my access point.

Which access point? We tested numerous configs with several dozen
access points. So far we've had only one issue that I know of, with a
specific recent hardware rev of the Linksys BEFW11S4 - we're looking
into it.