View Full Version : SlimServer 6.0 - Big Disappointment

Dan Sully
2005-03-30, 00:40
* Bradley Feldman shaped the electrons to say...

>Ok, the culprit seems to be MusicMagic and the integration between
>SlimServer and MusicMagic. Once the MusicMagic API is shut off so that
>SlimServer doesn't see MusicMagic, the server behaves and CPU utilization by
>SlimServer is extremely low. Also, when I stop the server (without the
>MusicMagic API), the process ends as expected.

Good to have the issue isolated.

>However, the big deal for me in waiting for 6.0 WAS the MusicMagic
>integration. I must say that MusicMagic's playlist generation functionality
>is simply amazing (WOW, what it does with my music collection - I'm totally
>perplexed by the intriguing mixes it builds!), however, it is TOTALLY
>BOGGING DOWN SlimServer or vice-versa. A shame to hold out such tasty candy
>and see painfully disappointing results (in terms of server performance).
>So SlimServer 6.0 seems good by itself. The wait for a solid link between
>Slim and MusicMagic is what is next. Slim's capabilities paired up with
>MusicMagic's stuff is truly worth waiting for - audio ecstasy!

I agree - and I use MusicMagic myself, and haven't seen this particular issue.

So, a few questions:

What OS are you running, and what version of MusicMagic?

Can you try running the server with --d_musicmagic to enable debugging in that Plugin?


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