View Full Version : SlimServer 6.0 - Big Disappointment

Bradley Feldman
2005-03-30, 00:29
>A little more debugging info would be useful.
>What does an "strace -p" on the process id yield? (it will output a lot).
>Can you try disabling MusicMagic?

Ok, the culprit seems to be MusicMagic and the integration between
SlimServer and MusicMagic. Once the MusicMagic API is shut off so that
SlimServer doesn't see MusicMagic, the server behaves and CPU utilization by
SlimServer is extremely low. Also, when I stop the server (without the
MusicMagic API), the process ends as expected.

However, the big deal for me in waiting for 6.0 WAS the MusicMagic
integration. I must say that MusicMagic's playlist generation functionality
is simply amazing (WOW, what it does with my music collection - I'm totally
perplexed by the intriguing mixes it builds!), however, it is TOTALLY
BOGGING DOWN SlimServer or vice-versa. A shame to hold out such tasty candy
and see painfully disappointing results (in terms of server performance).

So SlimServer 6.0 seems good by itself. The wait for a solid link between
Slim and MusicMagic is what is next. Slim's capabilities paired up with
MusicMagic's stuff is truly worth waiting for - audio ecstasy!