View Full Version : SlimServer 6.0 - Big Disappointment

Bradley Feldman
2005-03-29, 22:59
Maybe it simply was over hyped. I waited and waited until the official
release date, then, backed up my 5.4.x Slimserver and installed a fresh 6.0

After using it for the last day or so, I wonder what folks were thinking. I
see no improvement in speed, whatsoever. I hear dropouts I never had
before. And, if that wasn't exciting enough, I'm finding that my system has
become almost completely unresponsive with Slimserver eating up over 80% of
the cpu when NOTHING is playing on any of the devices on my network. What's
it doing? Nothing good.

Even better, when I try to stop Slimserver, it just won't die. Even trying
to manually kill the process doesn't work. Only a reboot kills it.

I'm very frustrated and don't want to be rude, as there are nice people
who've worked hard to put this thing together -- however, unless I am really
missing something (and I am very thorough) this 6.0 version is NOT READY for
widespread use.

FYI: I'm running Gentoo Linux (Perl 5.8.6, i686, 2.6.11 Kernel). I'm also
running the MusicMagic API,

Unless I hear something worthy of staying put, I'm probably going to restore
my backup and stay with 5.4.x for a few more weeks.