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Stephen Skeels
2005-03-29, 13:46
Does this help with BBC radio?!

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The new Trinloc DAB USB Radio (PC MP3 recorder) is a DAB digital radio that
plugs into a USB port on your PC to provide the best user interface and
easiest recording available. It comes with drivers for Windows 2000 and XP,
indoor antenna, USB cable, mains power adaptor, installation guide and
station management software.


The user interface provides full programme information on the screen,
displays text associated with programmes, and gives users the ability to
record at the click of a mouse and schedule recordings ahead of time from
programme lists. You can listen to digital radio through your headphones or
PC speakers, or even hook it up to your Hi-Fi. It also runs in background
mode so you can listen while you work on other applications.

Digital radio stations are broadcast in groups known as multiplexes and
during installation the radio scans for these (it takes just a few minutes)
and displays them as sliders down the left side of the screen. Clicking on a
slider reveals the stations and you can then click on the one of your

When used with DABBAR (1.3b1 or above) all stations can be streamed via HTTP
and integrated with Slim Devices Squeezebox2, Squeezebox or SliMP3!

Box contents: External Power Supply, USB cable, magnetic antenna, user
software and manual.


Audio over USB
Digital and Analogue audio outputs
Pocket size 2.5'' x 4.0''
Supports DAB modes I, II, III, IV
Low power consumption - 1W
Provides Windows based API library
TI DRE200 DSP based design
ETSI EN 300 401 compliance
Standard MMI commands (BS EN 50320:2001)
High RF sensitivity - supports Band III (174-240MHz and L -Band
USB 1.1 interface control through single RF input
Data output capabilities - MSC, FIC, PAD, X-PAD and N-PAD
Minimum PC Specification - Pentium II / III 450 MHz300MMX or equivalent with
an available USB port, plug and play BIOS, 128MB RAM, Windows 2000 or XP,
33MB of free disk space, VGA monitor, CD ROM drive (for loading software),
sound card with powered speakers or headphones plugged into it.

NB: Recording uses approximately 1MB of hard disk space a minute.

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