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Peter Rothstein
2005-03-29, 13:45
I'm not entirely sure if this is how it's working, but I directed slimserver
to look for artwork in the folder in which my library software keeps images,
and once slimserver correctly identified the albums, it connected the
artwork. Artwork is called artist - albumname.jpg. In JRiver, I was able
to tell it to find artwork for my albums once I had it parse the filenames,
and I also had a bunch of artwork already from when I was using a slink-e
and megachangers. So artwork seems not to be a problem.


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Sent: Tuesday, March 29, 2005 12:19 PM
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Subject: [slim] Maintaining a large library of WAV files - artwork, tagging,

Thanks for all the feedback.

Assuming I do go with the directory & filename structure instead of tags, is
there an application that will scan my WAVs & dump artwork into the
appropriate folders so that SlimServer & Telcanto will display it?

Any ideas when/if SlimServer might support MusicMatch's database - I really
like the SuperTagging. Incidentally, I think it's adding some kind of
tagging to the WAV files, as SlimServer is picking up some of the info
(including artwork) but somehow confusing the tags & artwork between
tracks/albums. Guess that's to be expected with a non-standard tag
implementation in WAV. But the MusicMatch library is representing all the
info correctly, so if SlimServer could use this library, that would be a
useful combination.

Regarding using FLAC instead of WAV - I can actually hear a substantial
difference between the two. I'm currently using the original Squeezebox, so
I assume I'm relying on my PC to uncompress the FLAC and stream as PCM/WAV?
I'm still a touch confused by all the options surrounding this. I've got a
SqueezeBox2 on order, so I understand I'll then be able to stream FLAC and
have the SqueezeBox un-compress (inflate?) back to PCM/WAV before feeding my
hifi. Should I expect this to make a difference to audio quality? Which
music library apps support FLAC & will help with tagging - I don't think
either iTunes or MusicMatch do?

Thanks again.