View Full Version : SS 6.0 and SB G - Issue with extended characters?

Mike Kozlowski
2005-03-28, 21:08
I have CDs by Bela Bartok, except with little accent marks. I've never
had a problem with this, but I just upgraded to SlimServer 6.0 final, and
now I can't access any of the CDs via the Squeezebox itself.

Via the Web page, I can click "Browse Music Folders", "Bartok, Bela", and
it shows CDs properly. But via the remote control, I go to "Browse Music
Folders", go to "Bartok, Bela", and it shows "Empty", and with a
character-set mangled heading above it.

Surely this can't be a bug (as it'd be pretty obvious in the betas), so is
a holdover setting from my 5.4 installation causing a problem?

I'm on XP and the files are encoded in WMA, if that makes a difference.

Mike Kozlowski