View Full Version : Can not play some albums using 6.03b

David Makoski
2005-03-28, 16:59
Using the hardware device (orig model)I search for an
album, find it, press play, and I get error can not
access file. This happens on jest a few albums, not

Looking at the server (XP) the service is now stopped.
Now this happens on just a few albums. If I run with
SoftSqueeze,it plays.

But looking at the Slimserver interface, there is no
album art?

All music in Apple LossLess.

2005-03-28, 17:21
> Using the hardware device (orig model)

I guess now we all have to be a little more specific...

I assume by orginal model you mean "not a Squeezebox2", but that still

Original SLIMP3 (I will always consider this the original model)
"Original" Squeezebox (Non-Graphics)
"Original" Squeezebox-G

I think the shorthand that has developed on the list are:

SLIMP3, SB or SB1, SBG and now the SB2