View Full Version : New Item Request- Squeezebox with amplifier

2005-03-28, 14:00
>>> onymous (AT) comcast (DOT) net 03/28/05 3:38 PM >>>


> Or, I'd like to see a portable SB solution - a
> SqueezeBoomBox. It'd have great speakers and
> plenty of power, using small and cool-running digital
> amplifiers. A card slot for whatever wireless technology
> was in vogue. No radio, no CD player, no cassette deck.
> No moving parts except for the pounding woofers, heh.

don't forget USB...

> The thing would be pretty useless outside the range of
> a Slimserver, though. You'd probably have to include a
> radio or a memory slot.

Or put a mini-itx inside the BoomBox and make it a
self-contained slimserver/squeezebox solution.
I would think all you'd need to do is a crossover
cable between the LAN of the mini-itx and the LAN
of the SB.